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Pre-buy vs Price Cap



When you prepurchase your fuel, you lock in a preseason rate, and guarantee that your price will not go up during the winter no matter what happens in world oil markets. You make a single payment upfront, specifying the number of gallons you wish to buy. There are downsides, however. If you order too little oil, you must pay market prices for additional oil for the rest of the season. And if oil prices fall during the heating season, you’re stuck with the price you paid at the start of the season.



Price Cap:

The price cap option is available for those who have signed up for our monthly payment plan. If oil prices skyrocket, your price will never go above the cap. But if prices fall for a sustained period, so will yours. Any time our daily rate is lower than the cap, you pay the lower amount. However, our suppliers charge us a hefty premium for this type of upside and downside price protection. So if you choose the price cap option, a $139 fee will be added to your bill (spread evenly through your monthly payments).




Customer Testimonials
  • I bought all of my fuel last summer but I used it all up by the end of February and had to get one more delivery at a much higher price. I'm going to avoid this by going with your price cap plan this year.
    --Susan J.
  • We always used to pre-buy our fuel but really got stuck a few years ago when prices went down during the heating season. That's why we changed to your budget cap program. We can spread out our payments now but still keep our price protected.
    --Chris and Brian G.

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