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Since we have an infant and my mom living with us now, we're using a lot more heat. Your monthly payment plan helped us keep our bills under control but everyone still stays warm.
--Nathan C.

I did some price shopping and found that other companies weren't offering price protection anymore. And the ones who did were charging much higher fees than you.
--Mindy S.

We figure your price protection plan saved us about $500 last year.
--Michael and Mary W.

I think that because of the price protection program that you offered last year and the lower payments that I had because I was on the leveled payment plan, I saved enough money to be able to take my kids to Disney and they were really happy.  So, that worked out well for me.
--Victor T.

My neighbor just paid $850 for a single delivery of oil.  She was really upset, but then I told her about your monthly payment plan. I think you have a new customer.
--Gail W.

Your price cap saved us a lot of money last winter. I wish I could get a price cap on my gasoline!
--Robert W.

Last year I pre-bought my oil. I guess I didn't buy enough because I ran out in March. When I bought more, the price that day was much higher. It looks like your cap program will solve that for me.
--Christina T.


Customer Testimonials
  • Your budget plan program has given me peace of mind.  Good to know I won’t be stuck with giant heating bills in the middle of winter.
    --Eve O.
  • I’m really pleased with how well the price protection has worked out for me this year.  I saved hundreds of dollars when the price of oil went up.  I just wanted to let you know that I’m really glad I signed up.
    --Barbara B.

HB McClure Company
TEL: (717) 232-4328